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"At DMV MOTORING we started our business 4 plus years ago just doing window tint, detailing, lighting work, sound and security and engine performance upgrades. When we decided to get into the automotive coating world, like most that did, we started using a product that you could easily find in your local home improvement store. We noticed that product was not very durable, clients had issues with peeling and fading.

After doing research while looking for new products, we came across Halo EFX, did some research on the company's product and decided to try it out. After that first initial purchase and use on a few projects we were hooked. Our business increased tremendously for coating work and now we find ourselves ordering at times 6-8 gallons extra per order because of the demand Halo EFX products has created. From spraying entire vehicles to taillights to wheels to calipers to engine covers and more Halo EFX has definitely helped us grow our business as well as help our business give our clients that look for their vehicles that they love."

~Aaron "Herkules" Graves, Owner of DMV MOTORING

"From the moment I placed my first order with Halo EFX, I knew I wouldn't be dealing with any other company. The customer service I have received has been amazing. It's so easy to reach out if I need help with anything. The product itself has changed the way I am able to apply my coatings. The high quality and smooth finish makes completing jobs so easy. My customers and I are so much happier with the finished products!"

~Micheal, Rogue Labs

"We have been using Halo for quite some time now. We have yet to find any product that can compare to the finish we get with Halo. Durability, color, smoothness and did I say durability? Those words best describe Halo EFX. Having access to such a personable support team is a huge plus. A very opened minded group who is willing to help every step of the way. Worth every dollar."

~Dipstick Jax

"Having experienced problems with another coating, we happened across Halo EFX and decided to give it a try. We were immediately impressed with its ease of application, its amazing sheen and its superb coverage. More importantly, it adheres better than any protective coating we've tried; no lifting or bubbling. Halo EFX has definitely helped our business move light years ahead and we're proud to be a part of the Halo family!"

~Matt, This Just Dipped