Halo EFX reversible polymer coating solution (RPCS) is a tough, vinyl-like, reversible coating developed to change, improve or enhance OEM factory components including clear-coated body panels, emblems, badges, grills, rims and disc brake calipers. Properly installed, Halo EFX can provide long lasting protection, while also offering a distinct look and feel unlike any other RPCS.

Halo EFX comes in an assortment of primary colors and clear. Halo EFX Real Clear is a great solution for mixing flakes, pearls and compatible pigment systems increasing the available color pallet to an almost limitless amount of variety and complexity. Halo EFX Covert Back, Bright White, and Killa Red offer unparalleled contrasts in color - living up to the high standards that make up the Halo EFX RPCS line-up.

Many OEM factory finishes have been enhanced using Halo EFX with great success. Because of the film’s versatility, both the novice and professional alike spray Halo EFX through a variety of HVLP based-paint systems. The most commonly used HVLP platform is the Earlex style turbine system. Readily available at local home improvement and hardware stores, the Earlex provides an excellent low cost solution to the DIYer and professional installer alike.

The benefits are seen as two fold. Not only can you completely change the look and feel of your vehicle, but also protect the factory OEM finish from the harsh elements found in many driving conditions today. Installed correctly, Halo EFX is impervious to moisture, salts, acids and bases, thus offering an array of protection in the harshest environments. Halo EFX can be used in a variety of other applications where protection from the elements is a must, such as track days for personal sports cars, off-road, marine and industrial applications.

While polymer film technology has been around for decades, the exterior automotive reversible polymer film industry is, in many respects, still in its infancy. Even the company who pioneered the RPCS is, to this day, making enhancements to their original formula. As this industry grows, innovation will lead the way, further legitimizing what’s quickly becoming one of most popular, eye-catching exterior automotive enhancements that car enthusiasts’ demand.